What is Apollo LTMS?

Multi Devices


Social Learning

In-depth Analytics

Train Better

Accelerate workforce productivity by closing the knowledge gaps with intuitive, contextual micro lessons, gamified platforms and recurring interactions on all the devices.

Easy Authoring

Course creation made easy as drag and drop. Text, presentations, images and videos all blended in through our authoring tools to create an engaging course material.

Micro Learning

Everything broken down in an easy to consume learning chunks. Helps in better understanding and retention. Simplified access on multi devices aid users to train at anytime, anywhere.

Authorized Certifications

Agency authorized and approved certified course materials for individuals and SMBs. Highly secure and authorized platform.

Knowledge Base

Social learning and knowledge base built in. Allows trainees to interact, get answers on redundant questions and provides in-built to support to get in touch with internal and external.

Immersive Collaboration

IntelliMeeting represents a unified communication and collaboration platform that combines interactive workplace chat, video meetings, and application integration with the most simplistic workflow.


Extending Apollo LTMS to TV and Mobile screens, it offers unique TV and Mobile app framework which delivers courses across the screens with interactive companion apps.

360-degree immersive learning

Apollo MR solutions are built upon the most intuitive authoring & publishing platform to deliver interactive virtual reality experience based on 360 training videos (Live & On-demand) and photos!

Mixed Reality training

Apollo LTMS offers fully customizable Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality content creation. VR, AR, and 360 immersive video experience gives Apollo LTMS a whole new dimension to the way it connects with learners to deliver compelling learning experiences.



Courses divided into chapters, modules and quizzes. Crisp content aids in better engagement. Microlessons enable much higher information absorption and retention.

Multi Devices Support

Continued access on any device - web, mobile or tv apps. User can engage on any medium at their convenience.


Interactive multi format quizzes that makes lessons really fun and engaging. Conditional branching and logic as required.

Social Learning

User engagement built in with likes, views, discussions threads etc per course basis. Leaderboard that reward each such interaction. Platform designed in a way to make learning really social.

Knowledge Base

Course based knowledge base that covers most frequent questions. Allows peer to peer Q&A with ability to ask questions to instructors.


Approved Courses

Government agency approved courses that makes your compliance requirements breeze. Wide range of courses designed for all types of position holders.

Course Compliance

Enable course compliance to enforce lecture completion, video compliance and require a passing quiz scores for your courses.

Course Completion Certificates

Issue certificates of completion to reward your students and verify their success. Fully customize your own unique certificate for each course.



A snapshot view of every single activity that happens within the platform. Courses, learner summary, interactivity per course etc. everything in one single view.

Course Level Student Analytics

Provides you with a granular view of the progress of each learner with time spent per course, chapters and quizzes.

Course Engagement

Engagement metrics on course subscription, progress, overall reviews, questions etc. Helps trainers to improvise and understand the problem areas.



Enterprise Grade Encryption

Security built right in with all personal data secured in transit and in store using enterprise grade AES-128 encryption.


Roles and Rights

Multi level roles and rights to ensure system provides enough security and flexibility to the organization to match their needs.


Personalized Security Modes

Highly secure and personalized multi factor authentication and authorization modes to prevent any unwanted user access. Configurable alarms and notifications in case of any system or security failures.

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